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What We Do

E.Z.L Services Ltd is a domestic company which reckons several years of experience in Pest Control services. It now brings to you a modern decontamination service, under K & L Decontamination Services, its newly created Strategic Business unit. This form of disinfection is the first of its kind in Mauritius and has numerous features that are unique as compared to other cleaners or hygienizers. K&L Decontamination Services, led by E.Z.L Services Ltd is the only official service provider of Purifog decontamination services in Mauritius.



The PURIFOG BIOTECT AV System is specially designed to clean, hygienise and disinfect any professional or domestic environment. It uses a mixture made up of PURIFOG Biotect Base and Biotect AV Disinfectant which is heated up through a fogging machine. The mixture is then sprayed as a dry fog and is allowed to condense. The minute size of the of the fog particles that are uniformly diffused in the air allows the fog to reach all cracks, corners and surfaces (even vertical).

The machine can disinfect large surface areas
and some of the key sectors that can benefit
from the positive impact of this modern
sanitising system are as follows:

• Banks
• Office Spaces
• Restaurants / Bars
• Shops
• Hotels & Spas
• Gyms
• Sports Centres
• Commercial Spaces
• Hospitals & Clinics
• Schools
• Supermarkets
• Public Transport Systems
• Night Clubs
• Shopping malls
• Beauty Parlours
• Warehouses
• Car Washes

Why choose us?

Our aim is to provide the most effective disinfection services to combat the COVID-19 propagation (Disinfection is the reduction in the number of bacteria, viruses, or fungi to a desired concentration).

Disinfects all

Leaves no residue after

Property Maintenance

Estimated efficiency of over
1,700 times higher than a
normal cleaner or hygienizer

Reaction time is only 2 hours
after which activities can
resume normally


Certified to various

Can be used in food
processing and processing